How long does the trekking take per day?
How do you transport our luggage?

Normal walking time is around 6 hours per day. But the walking time may vary depending on the pace of walk. The last day is shorter than the rest of the days.

If the tourists have already booked the hotel in Nyaung Shwe or Pindaya, we send the luggage directly to the hotel in Nyaung Shwe or Pindaya. If the tourists want to book the hotel just after arriving to Nyaung Shwe, we send the luggage to the jetty where the trekking will be ended. so ,after lunch, the tourist will be transported to Nyaung Shwe together with the luggage.

Does the guide speak english?
Can the guides speak tribal languages?

Every Trekking guides can speak English. Most of them have the experience from 3 to 10 years.

The villagers from the different tribes can speak Burmese, so The guides can communicate with the villagers.

Do you provide the foods for vegetarian, Vegan, and Halal?

The tourists can request for the food for vegetarian, vegan and halal, so we can arrange before trekking.